About the Greenwich Fire Department

As Career Firefighters in Greenwich we strive to provide the highest level of fire protection, rescue services, and public assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Greenwich Fire Department responds to over 4,000 emergency calls per year, ranging from minor fire alarm activations to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, and even hazardous materials incidents.

IAFF The Greenwich Fire Fighters Association is affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters as Local 1042. Currently Local 1042 has over 100 active men and women employed as Fire Fighters, Officers and Marshals by the town.

How we cover the Town

Equipment consists of 6 engine companies and 1 ladder company in addition to specialized equipment utilized by our Haz Mat, Trench Rescue, Confined Space and Water Rescue Teams. The Fire Department operates this equipment out of six fire houses within the 49 square miles encompassing the town.

  • Station 1: Horseneck
    Horseneck Lane
    3 Firefighters & 1 Lieutenant on Engine 1
    1 Deputy Chief

  • Station 2: Cos Cob
    200 Post Road
    1 Firefighter & 1 Lieutenant on Engine 2
    3 Firefighters on Ladder 1

  • Station 3: Byram
    Delavan Avenue
    1 Firefigher & 1 Lieutenant on Engine/Rescue 3

  • Station 4: Glenville
    266 Glenville Road
    3 Firefighters & 1 Lieutenant on Engine 4

  • Station 5: Sound Beach
    207 Sound Beach Avenue
    1 Firefighter & 1 Lieutenant on Engine/Rescue 5

  • Station 8: Back Country
    669 North Street
    3 Firefighters & 1 Lieutenant on Engine 8

How we are hired

Every firefighter goes through a rigorous testing process, which includes a written, agility, oral, pyschological and medical exam. We are also required to undergo extensive criminal and character background checks.

How we are trained

Once hired, the Town sends us to the Connecticut State Fire Academy. In an intensive 14-week program, we are taught extensive fire fighting and rescue operations. After graduation from the Academy, we then undergo a six week in-house training program through the Greenwich Fire Department. All of this training must be completed before a Career Firefighter in Greenwich is qualified to go on shift. Our training doesn't stop there. Throughout our careers we are constantly upgrading our skills and studying how to confront the challenges we encounter in the unpredictable world of the fire service.

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